The Teensy board is a nice, tiny micro-controller. It’s very small but it’s still powerful. It can be programed in the Arduino IDE  and in C.  It can also act as a USB device which can be very useful for making small plug&play USB “thingys”. It’s harder to set up because you have to download three different things to use it (for more information go to the “Teensy” link under “Electronics” on the sidebar). The Teensy will also do things that the Ardiuno can do if you program it in Teensyduino (Arduino IDE). You can do more advanced stuff if you program it in C (I think).

What really makes the Teensy great is (like the Arduino) its libraries, which make it easy to do more advanced stuff. Like: control a servo,  connect to the internet, and PWM (pulse width modulation). The Teensy a good well priced micro controller board, you should get one (if you know Arduino code it will be easy to learn Teensyduino).