I believe in the Maker community. If you have ever read Make magazine, or found yourself cruising over to makezine.com you would know what wonderful community I’m talking about. But I’ll assume you don’t, and you want to learn more.

The Maker community is based around these brilliant people called makers. They are at the heart of it all, they write all the articles, update the website and so on. What makes them ever so special is the fact that the articles tell you how to build things (ranging from chairs to robots to fire), or inspire you to build something of your own. They work to make the world a better place, in lots of ways, and have fun doing it. Makers come in all shapes and sizes, from age 6 to 90, from beginner to the most advanced Maker, they all come together in the Maker community.

One of the most important reasons I believe in Makers, is the fact that they don’t keep all their brilliance locked away in a safe somewhere with a “No Trespassing’ sign on it. Instead they distribute their knowledge to each and everyone who wants it. If you wanted to become a maker, there is truly nothing stopping you, with all the resources online, and at your local hacker-space. (This is a place where makers go to work on projects and collaborate, and most often they have advanced tools like 3D printers), If you pass on knowledge you have, and don’t keep it locked away, the world benefits from it, and you will feel proud of yourself.

So I took up the tempting offer to become a maker. I’m very proud to have joined the ever-growing maker community.The community has done so much for me, I believe I should give back with my ideas, projects, and my knowledge, so then the circle will continue.

Ever since I became a maker, I’ve worked on many projects. I went to the Maker faire which was amazing in every way. While I was there I bought a Arduino. Since then I have learned to program in two different programing languages (Scratch, and Arduino). Now I help people with computers at school. I’m content.

“Maker” is truly a title to be proud of. This I believe.