Take part a modem

I took apart an old modem and I was impressed that all the circuitry was on one board.  The modem I took apart was an old Qwest Actiontec wireless DSL. Other modems should be just as easy to take apart as my modem, if not easier.

First: Turn the modem over, if you don’t see any screws on the bottom, they’re probably under some little rubber feet. Take the feet off with a knife.

Note: My modem’s rubber feet are sticky, so I put them on the bottom of my Arduino so that it doesn’t short out, or scratch desks. The feet also help the Arduino stay in one spot.

Second: Take out the screws that should be under the rubber feet. Save the screws.

Third: Open the modem’s case. You may need to use a screwdriver to open the case. Save the case for some other project.

Fourth: Take out the modem’s circuit board, be careful not to break it. Remove the clear plastic light conductor that’s by the indicator lights.

If your modem worked as a modem before you took it apart, it should still work. Now you have a smaller, case less modem, that’s fun to look at.

Note: If you couldn’t take your modem apart try a different one.

Note: A router should not be too hard to take apart.

Look for follow up posts.